image of a construction man who may suffer from low back pain
Image of a woman doing back pain exercises and back stretches
Image of a woman with back pain needing back pain treatment
Image of a woman doing one of the back pain exercises at home
Image of legs on a wheelchair of a person who may have disability due to back pain
Image of a damaged nerve that can happen in patients with low back pain or sciatica.
Image of a low back pain treatment in Santa Cruz CA by a Santa Cruz chiropractor
Image of a person with sciatica leg pain needing sciatica treatment

Sciatica Leg Pain

Is This Tingling In My Leg Sciatica Leg Pain? Sciatica leg pain is a symptom of back trouble may surprise you.  Most people don’t realize that leg pain may come from a problem in your back. When you think of low back pain, you may visualize a person half-bent over with their hand on the sore Read more about Sciatica Leg Pain[…]

Image of a back surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis

Back Surgery For Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    Back Surgery Carries More Side Effect Risk Than Non-Surgical Treatment For Lumbar Spinal Stenosis   A new research review investigated the effectiveness of different types of back surgery with various non-surgical interventions in the management of adults with lumbar spinal stenosis—a debilitating condition associated with the degeneration of the spine, which can have Read more about Back Surgery For Lumbar Spinal Stenosis[…]