image of a construction man who may suffer from low back pain
Image of a woman doing back pain exercises and back stretches
Image of a woman doing one of the back pain exercises at home
Image of legs on a wheelchair of a person who may have disability due to back pain
Image of a damaged nerve that can happen in patients with low back pain or sciatica.
Image of a low back pain treatment in Santa Cruz CA by a Santa Cruz chiropractor
Image of a woman with back pain doing low back pain exercises

Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain

Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain   In an earlier post, we reviewed a few popular Swiss or gym ball exercises. This month, we will introduce some core stabilizing exercises that can be done on the floor. There are benefits to Swiss ball exercises like balance or proprioception stimulation. In fact, five minutes Read more about Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain[…]

Back Pain Among Elderly

Back Pain Common Among The Elderly…   Brazilian researchers reviewed data from 16 published studies concerning 28,448 adults ages 60 and older and found one in four seniors has low back pain at any given moment. Additionally, the data show that 43% of the elderly have experienced an episode of back pain during the past Read more about Back Pain Among Elderly[…]

Image of a man with a heavy backpack that shows one of the causes of back pain

Back Pain In College Students

Back Pain Is The Most Common Reason College Students See A Chiropractor…   An analysis of data from patients at a university health clinic found that spinal complaints were the most common reason university students sought chiropractic care. Overall, the top three conditions noted by the researchers were back pain (51%), followed by neck pain Read more about Back Pain In College Students[…]