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Achy Neck And Chiropractic

My Aching Neck! Can Chiropractic Help?   Similar to back pain, neck pain affects almost all of us at some point in life, and the severity can range from a mild stiffness to complete incapacitation. Chiropractic care offers a non-drug, non-surgical method of treatment that MANY neck pain sufferers utilize and benefit from. The following Read more about Achy Neck And Chiropractic[…]

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Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment

Which Of These Chronic Low Back Pain Treatments Is More Effective?   For patients with chronic low back pain, treatment guidelines recommend a non-surgical approach as the FIRST-LINE treatment. Ideally, the goal would be to avoid an initial surgery unless it’s absolutely indicated. That means, unless there is loss of bowel or bladder control or Read more about Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment[…]

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