Image of a knee x-ray from a patient who needs a knee pain treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Can This Be Causing Your Knee Pain?   It’s easy to focus on the knee when it hurts, but is the pain truly arising from the knee? There are many studies that link knee pain to problems with the lower back, hips, ankles, and feet. This month, let’s focus on the role that the foot Read more about Knee Pain Treatment[…]

Image of handwashing featured in the newsletter of a Santa Cruz chiropractor

Allergies And Chiropractic

Researchers Explain Why Allergies Are More Common Now Than In The Victorian Era… A Surprising Reason…   The concept of cleanliness has been a topic of great debate for many years.      On one side of the fence, frequent cleaning reduces the number of bacteria and viruses that cause illness. On the other side, some experts argue Read more about Allergies And Chiropractic[…]

Image of a person with sciatica leg pain needing sciatica treatment

Sciatica Leg Pain

Is This Tingling In My Leg Sciatica Leg Pain? Sciatica leg pain is a symptom of back trouble may surprise you.  Most people don’t realize that leg pain may come from a problem in your back. When you think of low back pain, you may visualize a person half-bent over with their hand on the sore Read more about Sciatica Leg Pain[…]

Image of a woman with fibromyalgia who may benefit from chiropractic care

Fibromyalgia And Chiropractic Care

Study Shows That The Source Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be A Place Most Doctors And Sufferers Never Look… Chronic fatigue syndrome is brutal.  In fact, many sufferers describe the condition as debilitating.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one million Americans have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That’s about one in every Read more about Fibromyalgia And Chiropractic Care[…]

Chiropractic Patients Get Back To Work Faster

Chiropractic Patients Get Back To Work Faster Does the type of healthcare provider you see first have an effect on how quickly you can recover from back pain following a work injury? An analysis of data from 5,511 workers injured in 2005 revealed that those who initially consulted with a doctor of chiropractic for their Read more about Chiropractic Patients Get Back To Work Faster[…]

image of a woman with back pain who needs back pain treatment and stop the causes of back pain

Low Back Pain And Hip Pain

Hip Pain Or Low Back Pain – Which One Do You Have?   Technically, the hip is the ball-and-socket joint between the long bone of the thigh and the pelvis; but some people will point to a number of different places on their back or pelvis and say, “My hip is killing me” when it’s Read more about Low Back Pain And Hip Pain[…]

Image of a woman with back pain doing low back pain exercises

Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain

Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain   In an earlier post, we reviewed a few popular Swiss or gym ball exercises. This month, we will introduce some core stabilizing exercises that can be done on the floor. There are benefits to Swiss ball exercises like balance or proprioception stimulation. In fact, five minutes Read more about Best Floor Exercises For Chronic Low Back Pain[…]