image of a caregiver helping a patient showing why low back pain in caregivers is common

Low Back Pain In Caregivers

  Low Back Pain In Caregivers Is Very Common   Caregiving activities are linked with low back pain. Low back pain among caregivers is common, but few studies have examined the association of low back pain with daily lives of female family caregivers. A new study conducted in Japan involving 156 participants revealed that approximately 22% Read more about Low Back Pain In Caregivers[…]

Image of people exercising to relieve back pain

Back Pain And Exercise

  Intense Physical Activity Is Good For The Back Physical activity is often considered to have favorable effects on the risk of developing low back pain. In a new study, researchers followed 9,616 women and 8,452 men for eleven years and found that men and women who participated in intense physical activity for one to Read more about Back Pain And Exercise[…]

Chiropractic Santa Cruz

  Chiropractic Santa Cruz: Specific Low Back Exercises Can Reduce Chronic Low Back Pain…   Doctors of chiropractic often prescribe exercise to be performed in-office or at home as part of a treatment program for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, like back pain. A recent study examined the role of lumbar extensor muscle strengthening for individuals Read more about Chiropractic Santa Cruz[…]

image of a man with sciatica who needs sciatica treatment for sciatica relief

9 Tricks To Manage Low Back Pain

  9 Tricks to Manage Low Back Pain               Low back pain is VERY likely to affect all of us at some point in life. The question is, do you control IT or does IT control you? Here are ten “tricks” for staying in control of low back pain: STRETCH: When you’re in one Read more about 9 Tricks To Manage Low Back Pain[…]