Image of a woman who will need back pain exercises after lifting a heavy object

The 6 Back Pain Exercises

  The 6 Easy Back Pain Exercises   Many people with low back pain wonder which back pain exercises to do.  As a chiropractor, I get this question a lot. Let’s look at easy exercises for back pain that can be done from a SITTING position. We’ll also look at back exercises that can be Read more about The 6 Back Pain Exercises[…]

Back Pain At Work

Back Pain At Work Back pain at work, along with other musculoskeletal issues is common for office workers. Most office workers who participated in a recent study suffer from one or more musculoskeletal disorders. The small study involving 50 participants found that 74% had musculoskeletal disorder symptoms. Among those with musculoskeletal disorders, 81% reported suffering from Read more about Back Pain At Work[…]