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Since 1999, We’ve Helped Over 4,000 Patients Get Neck Pain, Back Pain And Sciatica Relief

Dr. Falkenroth’s dedication to help others was inspired by his grandfathers. His Grandpa Fred was a lifelong minister in Omaha, Nebraska. His Grandpa Jim served in the U.S. Navy for decades. Dr. Falkenroth chose to help those who suffer from low back pain, neck pain and sciatica around Santa Cruz, CA.

If you’re looking for neck pain, back pain and sciatica relief, look no further. We have 20 years of experience treating patients like you. We offer affordable care and we deliver results. But don’t take our word for it, please click on the Patient Testimonials button below to discover what patients are saying about their experience with us.

Georgia Carreras

Massage Therapist

“… I was referred to Dr. Falkenroth by 2 of my Registered Nurse clients. I was suffering from low back pain with intermittent numbness from low back down through my knee. Having also been a Registered Nurse for 28 years I knew it was probably from L4. He gave a free thorough consultation and we both agreed to the problem stemming from L4. Since that time he has solved my shoulder, back and hip issues. I have so much confidence in his abilities. I have referred many of my own clients to him much to their satisfaction.”

Why Patients Choose Us To Treat Their Neck Pain, Back Pain Or Sciatica

We Deliver Results

After 20 years in practice, we have the experience to deliver the neck pain, back pain and sciatica relief that patients are looking for. We also have the equipment and the tools that allow us to help our patients get better quicker, safer, and in a more comfortable way… saving them time, money, and unnecessary suffering.

NO Up-Front Expensive Cost

When you come in, we WON’T charge you a big up-front fee and we WON’T ask you to pay for care that you haven’t yet received. You only pay for your first visit. And if you have insurance, they may cover your full cost or you may only have to pay a small co-pay. Since our office visits are reasonably priced, even our patients without insurance coverage can affordably pay for their treatment at the end of their visit.

NO Long-Term Treatment Plans

You’re in control. Call us when you need our help and we’ll do our best to get you feeling better quickly. We WON’T sign you up for long-term treatment plans. Most of our patients come in when they’re hurting… and THEY DECIDE when they want to come back for a follow-up treatment.

Same-Day Appointment

Walk-ins are welcome. Our patients are BUSY, so they like the convenience of being able to call us last minute or walk-in without an appointment when they’re hurting. Three ways to make an appointment: Call us at (831) 475-8600, walk-in, or schedule online by clicking here >>> schedule online.

Easy Access And Parking

We are CONVENIENTLY located just one short block from Highway 1 at the Park Ave exit. You’ll find us at the corner of Park Avenue and Soquel Drive. Park your car in the parking lot either in front of our building or on the side of our building.

Insurance Accepted And Affordable Rates For Those Without Insurance

Your insurance may cover all or part of your treatment. We will verify your coverage, submit your claims, and do follow-up calls to your insurance company if needed. We accept Medicare and we are also in-network with many other insurance companies. Auto accident med-pay insurance, work-comp insurance and attorney liens are also accepted. Because our rates are affordable, if you don’t have insurance that will cover your treatment, you can pay with cash, check or credit card.

How Do You Want Us To Help You?

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