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Sciatica Doctor Treatment

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image of a patient with sciatica symptoms needing a sciatica doctor in Santa Cruz CA

Sciatica Doctor And Treatment Outcome Patients looking for a sciatica doctor or a low back pain doctor are usually nervous and worried about whether they’re going to respond to the treatment. Especially when it comes to getting out of pain or getting rid of their leg numbness or tingling and returning to their normal activities. […]


Sciatica Treatment Risk

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Image of sciatica pain pattern that requires sciatica treatment

    Physical Activity May Reduce Your Risk Of Sciatica And Reduce Your Risk Of Needing Sciatica Treatment…   According to a new meta analysis, leisure-time physical activity may reduce the risk of developing lumbar radicular pain, or sciatica. Researchers reviewed data from 18 published studies that included over 100,000 participants and found those who […]