Santa Cruz chiropractor image of a therapist treating a patient with knee cap pain and knee pain

The Knee Cap And Knee Pain

 The Knee Cap And Knee Pain   How can you tell if your knee pain is caused by a problem in your knee cap? The knee can be divided into four compartments—the front, inside, back, and outside. These compartments intimately interact with each other. The compartment located in the front of the knee includes the Read more about The Knee Cap And Knee Pain[…]

Image of a woman doing back pain exercises and back stretches
Image of a woman doing one of the back pain exercises at home
Image of legs on a wheelchair of a person who may have disability due to back pain
Image of a person with shoulder pain getting shoulder pain treatment
image of the anatomy of the carpal tunnel for carpal tunnel syndrome
image of a person's wrist with carpal tunnel syndrome who needs carpal tunnel treatment
Image of a knee x-ray from a patient who needs a knee pain treatment

Knee Pain Treatment

Can This Be Causing Your Knee Pain?   It’s easy to focus on the knee when it hurts, but is the pain truly arising from the knee? There are many studies that link knee pain to problems with the lower back, hips, ankles, and feet. This month, let’s focus on the role that the foot Read more about Knee Pain Treatment[…]

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Allergies And Chiropractic

Researchers Explain Why Allergies Are More Common Now Than In The Victorian Era… A Surprising Reason…   The concept of cleanliness has been a topic of great debate for many years.      On one side of the fence, frequent cleaning reduces the number of bacteria and viruses that cause illness. On the other side, some experts argue Read more about Allergies And Chiropractic[…]