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Have you tried this chiropractic treatment?

Santa Cruz Chiropractor Answers Common Questions From New Patients

If you’re looking for a Santa Cruz chiropractor, there are lots of great ones to choose from. Let me tell you about me and my practice so that you can decide if you’d like my help. My name is Dr. John Falkenroth, D.C. and I’ve been a chiropractor in Santa Cruz for 19 years. I graduated summa cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology from UC Davis. But, enough about me and let’s talk about you.

Can You Come In Today?

If you’re like many of the new patients that I see every month, you’re probably hurting right now and want to get in right away. My staff and I know this, so we’re pretty good at getting new patients in the same day they call – unless we’re not open on the day you call. We know that you won’t be calling us unless you’re in desperate need of our help.

Can I Help You?

Before we go further, I should tell you that out of the 4,000+ patients that I’ve treated since 1999, I’ve mainly treated patients who suffered from back pain, neck pain and sciatica. If you suffer from one of these conditions, then I may be able to help you.

Have You Gone To A Chiropractor Before?

You might have never gone to a chiropractor before… or maybe you have, and you know that chiropractors use different methods to treat their patients. Let me tell you about the methods I use so that you know what to expect if you decide to see me.

A lot of new patients that I see who have never been to a chiropractor before come in scared about getting cracked or popped. I completely understand why you might feel the same. When you come in, you can choose if you prefer being treated with the traditional hands-on chiropractic treatment that involves manually moving your bones causing a popping sound… or you can choose to be treated with a computerized instrument-guided treatment method that’s more gentle and you will not hear a cracking or a popping sound. When you come in, just let me know what you prefer. And if at anytime you want to change your preferred treatment method, just let me know.

In addition to offering the traditional chiropractic treatments, I’m able to offer you other methods, because I’ve incorporated modern treatment equipment at my clinic. In fact, a lot of patients who have been to other chiropractors have never seen some of these equipment.

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before, and you like their treatment method, let me know about your previous chiropractic experience and I will work with you to come up with a treatment method that works best for you.

How Much Do Treatments Cost?

It depends partially on whether or not you have insurance that will pay for part of your treatment. If I’m a participating provider with your insurance company, your cost will be a certain pre-determined fee. This pre-determined fee is different between different insurance companies. We will verify your insurance eligibility and benefits when you come in. If you’d like to know your coverage and pre-determined fee ahead of time, before you set foot in our office, simply call us and we’ll call you back once we get the information from your insurance company.

If you don’t have insurance that will pay for part of your treatment, and you want to know ahead of time how much our treatments cost, call us and we’d be happy to tell you our affordable cash price. A lot of our patients have insurance that covers part of their treatments.

However, many of our patients either don’t have insurance that covers chiropractic care, or they have a high deductible insurance. Since we have affordable fees, many of them pay the cost of their treatment at the end of each visit with cash, check or a credit card.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, and you have a lien from an attorney that we accept, you don’t have to pay us until your case settles. If you’ve been injured on the job, you can ask your employer to authorize your treatments with us, and your employer will usually send us a document that tells us how many visits they will pay for.

Your treatment cost will also depend on what type of treatment you need. For example, some patients just need or only want a chiropractic adjustment. Some patients with severe sciatica need the non-surgical spinal decompression. Rest assured that before you get treated and incur any charges, we will tell you ahead of time how much the recommended treatment will cost you. If you’re not able to afford your ideal recommended treatment, we can work together to come up with the minimum effective treatment that you can afford.

Do We Take Your Insurance?

We bill all insurance companies. We are preferred providers for many health insurance plans. If you want us to verify you insurance coverage at our office before you come in, we’d be happy to do that for you at no charge. Simply call us at (831) 475-8600 and we’ll call your insurance company to verify your benefits.

How Long Do You Have To Keep Coming In For Treatments?

Another fear that new chiropractic patients have is that they’ve heard that once you go to a chiropractor, that you have to keep going long-term… or for life. Different chiropractors have different philosophies on how long patients should continue with their chiropractic treatments.

I like to let my patients decide how long they need to or want to come in for treatments. I work with my patients on a visit to visit basis. At the end of each visit, I will tell you when I think you should come back for a follow-up treatment. Once your condition has stabilized, which for most of my patients mean that they’re no longer in excruciating pain, you can then decide when to come back. You know your body best. You know when you need to come in and get treated.

Most of my patients come in when they’re hurting. Once they feel better, they stop treatment. When they hurt themselves again, they come back in. My patients like that they can choose when they want to get treated… and they also like knowing that I have no hard feelings toward their decision. This is one of the reasons why my patients like seeing me and my family around Santa Cruz – and they don’t feel guilty that they haven’t seen me in a while.

Do You Have To Buy Expensive Up Front Treatment Packages?

No. You don’t even know if our treatments will help you, so you will not be required to commit to come in for a certain number of visits. You and I will closely monitor your progress at each visit and we will go visit to visit as far as treatment recommendations and when you should come in for a follow-up visit.

Some new patients have told me that they’ve gone to a Santa Cruz chiropractor who asked them to buy an expensive packages of treatments up front before the chiropractor treats them. My staff and I will never force you to commit to a lot of treatments. That’s your choice. If you only want to get treated by us once, that’s fine with us. If our treatment doesn’t work for you, then it makes sense for you to find someone else who may be able to help you. We want you to feel better.

Where Are We Located And Where Can You Park?

Our clinic is easily accessible and conveniently located for a lot of people in the Santa Cruz county area looking for a Santa Cruz chiropractor. We are located at the corner of Park Avenue and Soquel Drive. We’re only about two blocks from Highway 1. As far as parking, you can park in the parking lot that surrounds our office building.

Do You Have To Commit To A Set Appointment Date And Time?

If you’re like most of our patients, you don’t always know your schedule ahead of time. Plus, a lot of people nowadays don’t like to commit ahead of time to a set appointment date and time. This is why we offer the convenience of same-day appointments to our patients. You can call us and make an appointment the same day you want to get treated.

You can also just stop by or walk-in without an appointment during the hours we’re open, and we will get you treated. Patients who want to avoid the traffic in our area love our no appointment needed walk-in policy. This allows them to get treated when they’re already in the area, and not have to come back later. Of course if you prefer to make your appointment ahead of time, we can do that for you as well.

Want A FREE Book?

If you’re not ready to come in, but would like to know what you can do in the meantime to get relief of your back pain or sciatica, get FREE instant access to my book right now. Hopefully, you’ll discover helpful tips from this book. If you try some of the tips in the book and your pain goes away, you may not need to come in for treatment. When you’re ready to get my help with your back pain, neck pain or sciatica, call my office at (831) 475-8600 and I’ll be happy to help you.

Thank you for your time and I hope you feel better soon.

Dr. John Falkenroth, D.C.

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