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Capitola CA Catapulted To One Of The Top Tourist Destinations On The Monterey Bay

If you’re visiting the Central Coast of California, be sure to stop by Capitola CA. Plan plenty of time to enjoy this seaside town. Depending on when you visit, Capitola CA can be bustling with tourists or be a dreamy sleepy town. Grab your walking shoes and follow the walking tour of this beautiful town.

Capitola CA Beach

Capitola Beach in Capitola Village offers visitors and locals many attractions to keep them entertained. You can spend lots of time just enjoying the beach. When you get hungry or thirsty, walk to the nearby restaurants along the beach to grab delicious meals and drinks, or if you want to enjoy staring at the colorful Capitola Venetian Hotels, sit on one of the restaurant decks and savor the view. If you want to be more active, rent a surf board or a paddle board.

Gayle’s Bakery

If you’re in the mood to try some of the best sweets on the Central Coast, drive over to Gayle’s Bakery and pick from the delicious selections of temptations on display at this bakery. Some tourists travel to Capitola specifically to go to this very popular bakery. Besides offering delicious cookies, cakes and other baked goods, Gayle’s Bakery also offers yummy savory snacks and meals that you can either eat at the bakery or take with you to the beach.

Capitola CA Wharf

Be sure to walk the length of the Capitola Wharf and enjoy the magnificent views of Capitola Village and surrounding beaches. The wharf also offers boats, kayaks and canoes for rent. If you want surfing lessons, or if you want to just rent surfing gear, there’s a place in the village that offers that. At the end of Capitola Wharf sits a restaurant with fantastic views. Many times, you can spot fishermen along the wharf.

Wharf To Wharf Race

On the last Sunday in July, about 25,000 runners flock to Santa Cruz County to join in the very popular Wharf To Wharf race. The race starts by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and ends in Capitola Village. Along the route, runners get entertained by music bands. Walkers are also welcome to join the race. This amazing race donates a lot of money to the local schools. If you don’t want to run or walk in the Wharf to Wharf race, cheer on the runners along their route.

Capitola CA Art And Wine Festival

The Capitola Art And Wine Festival draws a lot of artists and spectators alike. Go early in the morning if you don’t want to fight crowds to see the art booths. Where else can you sip wine, look at art exhibits and walk along the beach? This annual Capitola Art And Wine Festival has gotten very popular, so plan your day accordingly. Also, plan to walk, since the parking close to the festival is nearly impossible – unless you get there first thing in the morning.

Shadowbrook Restaurant

Shadowbrook Restaurant is an experience you must indulge in, if you’re able, when you visit Capitola. After you park your car in the restaurant’s parking lot, you take a tram down to the restaurant, which sits on the cliffside along the Soquel Creek. Shadowbrook Restaurant offers fancy dining, so dress accordingly. Also, if you don’t feel like driving yourself to Shadowbrook, this restaurant has its own vintage taxi that can pick you up from your hotel room or from your house.

New Brighton State Beach

While Capitola Beach is usually busy, New Brighton State Beach has a more relaxed atmosphere. Unlike Capitola Beach, New Brighton Beach doesn’t have restaurants or shops, so bring your own food, drinks and entertainment. Walk on the hillside walkway from this beach to the New Brighton Campground up above. The hike up to the campground may be strenuous, but you’ll be rewarded with amazing panoramic views of the Monterey Bay.

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