at the Back Pain And Sciatica Clinic we specialize in back pain, neck pain and sciatica relief...


We've been helping people with back pain and sciatica in Santa Cruz County for 16 years.
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We've helped over 3,500 People With Back Pain, neck pain And Sciatica

Dont wait until you can no longer move.

If you’re ready to feel better, we may have the treatment that will give you the relief that you're looking for. Here’s what a neurosurgeon said about one of the treatments that we use: "A lot of patients that I see are actually sent for surgery and I give them this alternative and in a great majority of patients, this lets them get rid of their pain without having to have surgery.”

  • NO long-term treatment

    Come in when you hurt.

  • affordable / insurance accepted

    We accept many insurance plans. We also accept Medicare.

  • Walk-ins welcome

    Same day appointment.

  • easy parking

    Just one block from hwy 1

patient Testimonials

Our patients love that we do not sign them up on treatment plans... that they can just come in when they need us.